Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Phone number withdrawn

Sorry that I've had to remove my telephone number from the website. I keep getting phone calls from advertisers wanting to relieve me of the small amount of money that I make from my business!

At any rate, most of the time, I am in my studio making jewellery and I can't hear the phone in there. Even if I put a phone in the studio or took a cordless one, you can't stop making a bead half way through, so phone calls would just be an irritation anyway. (I am not good when interrupted) So I have decided that it's e-mail only as a means of contacting me or - BEST OF ALL - come and see me at my stall in Cambridge on All Saints Art & Craft Market any Saturday!

I am working hard on a couple of commissions which are both a little behind the time that I promised to dispatch so ... I'd better get on with it!


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