Saturday, 14 November 2015

Warmth and sickness

There's nothing like a reassuringly full log pile to make you feel cozy when the weather turns a bit colder.

I'm having a quiet day indoors, staying warm and keeping an eye on Missy our dog who has been poorly since Tuesday night with an upset stomach. We're all tired as during the nights there have been many urgent dashes to the back door. On Wednesday, I slept on the sofa with her cos it was nearer and gave MTM the chance to get some sleep. 

So far, she's been to the vet twice, she's had an injection and we give her some paste-like substance, the doggy equivalent of kaolin and morphine. We're all hopeful she'll be recovered by the end of the weekend.

For anyone reading this in France, I struggle to know what to say about the chilling events there overnight, my thoughts are with your nation, my tears will mix with yours for all the lives so senselessly cut short and affected by terrorism's brutal hand. xxx


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