Monday, 20 July 2015

Five a day vegetable seeds

Yesterday, I sowed some vegetable seeds for the first time since 2007!

The topsoil has been shovelled into the new raised beds, a joint effort by MTM and myself though I have to say, he did do more than I. I gave it a week to settle down. Really it should have some organic matter like compost or well rotted stable manure dug in, however the time for that is Autumn through Winter.

But I'm in a hurry, I want to grow something now! It's already too late this year me to grow crops that need a long growing season like onions, parsnips and leeks. So, to increase fertility I'm relying on chemicals, albeit organic ones, a dressing of dried fish, blood and bone has been hoed into the surface and then fast maturing root crops seeds have been planted into shallow pre-watered drills, yesterday it was carrots, beetroot, radishes, turnips and kohlrabi.

Today, I'm doing peas, and three varieties of lettuce, I like to start these off in pots and then plant them out to grow on. I'm also sowing coriander micro leaves; I've only grown conventional coriander before so am interested to see how that works out.

Mustn't hang around, like I said I'm in a hurry!

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