Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Travelling wastes crafting time

I wish I could knit or crochet in the car. If I look down for any length of time, I start to feel nauseous. I can't even send a text or read a map for any length of time. All I can do is listen to music and admire the scenery, maybe doze off from time to time.

I can do nearly anything in a train, knit, crochet, read, you name it, the trouble is, I very rarely have occasion to use the railways these days. I used to commute by tube when we lived in London in my younger days and I was always knitting (and nearly missing my stop!) Even before then, I would take the train up to Leeds to go see Geoff during his college days, the journey was about an hour and a half out of King Cross on the 125 .... Bliss!

When we travelled to Bamburgh recently, it's a four hour journey in the car and something to be endured for the sake of the destination rather than enjoyed for its own sake.  If I had a four hour train journey, I would be so excited at the thought of that length of time for uninterrupted crafty time.

When we hit traffic due to roadworks around Newcastle, we were crawling along, I suddenly realised I might be able to do some simple crochet or knitting whilst we were going so slow but my carefully selected holiday projects, needles and yarn were safely stowed in the boot and not get-at-able. Mental note made to self to keep a simple project in the glovebox from now on.

Never has travelling in the car felt such a waste of time, I really don't like just sitting and doing nothing.


  1. The picture itself sends shivers down my spine.
    One of the wonderful things about living in rural France is the lack of traffic, even on the motorways. Planning a journey is easy - if it takes two hours you know you will get there in two hours, you don't have to add an extra hour for traffic jams, at least not in our part of France - unless of course you come across roads closed for a cycle race, then you're in trouble!

    1. :-) I envy you, Jean; traffic is one of the most dismal things about England. When I had a proper job and used to drive myself to work, I wasted months of my life sat waiting for Monks Road traffic lights to change in Lincoln. I so don't miss the commute to work now, very lucky to work from home. Now if I could just find another way to visit friends and family .... (one of those Star Trek transporters would do nicely!)

  2. Totally agree - I can no longer just sit for any length of time doing nothing, it feels like such a waste. However, I too would throw up if I attempted to craft in the car. I once crocheted a whole scarf on a plane journey - plastic hook of course!

    1. Never tried on a plane though I know I can read in the air so probably would be OK, I wonder what the difference is to being in a car is, I could get so much more done; maybe make more inroads in to my wips!!


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