Sunday, 3 May 2015

New yarn and matching socks

As promised to one of my regular blog commenters, Caroline, here's a picture of the latest additions to my ever-growing yarn stash

There are three balls of Stlylecraft Special DK in their latest "vintage colours" of Sage, Storm Blue and Parma Violet. I don't know what I'm going to do with those yet, I just wanted to have them.

The ball of glittery black loveliness is Sirdar Ophelia which was in the bargain basket. I've got a lined bag project planned for that.

Four different colourful self-striping shades of Drops Delight 4-ply, plus three balls in grey. I have in mind a granny style blanket made up of small squares, the grey will be used on the outer edge of each one to hopefully stop the colours arguing too loudly (that's the theory anyway). Not a bad haul for a little over £17! If the granny squares don't work out, I can rip them and turn them into socks, which reminds me ....

Coming along nicely! It's so easy to do this, I just wound one ball from the outside of a 100 gram ball of Opal Sweet & Spicy and one from the inside.  When they were roughly the same size, I cut the yarn and then unravelled the start of one of them until they were the same colour. 

No more mis-matched socks from now on!


  1. Thank you! If I can't buy my own it's nice to nose around other people's yarn! Those vintage colours are rather are the self-striping. I have a penchant for varigated yarn!

    1. I know what you mean (on both points!)


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