Friday, 7 November 2014

Dusty Springfield has made me breathless

I'm a music lover, I really like music, my favourite kinds are rock and blues but I listen to other kinds as well (not rap, NEVER rap). I listen to Planet Rock quite a bit when I'm beadmaking and have it on when I'm in the kitchen cooking. On Thursday nights at 7pm, they have a brilliant show called Blues Power hosted by the urbane, stylish and most wonderful Bernard Doherty. It's only an hour and we listen in every week. He's always asking for suggestions from listeneners and so Geoff and I sent some in. We were thrilled last night when he played some Shuggi Otis as we asked for and mentioned our names!

Well obviously, after such a momentous occasion, we had to celebrate and both of us drank rather too much red wine. Later, I put the TV on because there was a programme I wanted to see (which I cannot recall now) and soon afterwards fell asleep. I awoke to see Dusty Springfield on, she has such a wonderful voice, I was transfixed and had to watch the rest of the programme. I remember really liking Son of a Preacher Man and was hoping she would sing it but perhaps it was on earlier (before I woke up!)

First thing this morning, I downloaded it onto my MP3 player along wth 5 other of her songs. Whilst I was working in my studio, I played them 4 times straight one after the other other singing along at the top of my voice. There's not much of a musical interlude in any of the songs and they're all quite short but she sings practically all of the time. I suddenly felt dizzy and I realised this was because I wasn't breathing properly.

"Dusty Springfield has made me breathless" is a phrase I never thought I would mutter to my husband when he asked me why I was so pale. A cup of tea made me feel better but perhaps I'd better stick to listening to rock and blues from now on!


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