Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sun and snow

I told you Missy would find the new sunny spots! Here she is on the day before we moved in, no furniture except for the sofa that came with the house. Whilst she worked on her tan, I did a bit of knitting whilst we waited for the dishwasher and washing machine to be delivered and installed. DH was back at the old place being packed up by the removals company.

Yesterday it snowed most of the afternoon, looking very pretty from the lounge ...
... from the kitchen window ...

... and from my upstairs jewellery making studio (you can just see the river in the bottom).

Today, the snow has all gone and it's sunny again!

Martin, our very good friend who we have known for years and years came over today, he's a joiner and has been easing some of the doors that were sticking and measuring up for some jobs that need doing, the main one being advising on the materials for the construction of the platform for my beadmaking shed ... very excited about that. We can now get the timber ordered and hopefully work will start on it next week :-)


  1. lovely pictures yet again .... that duck looks noisy ;)
    I've got a veteran bunny, he's a sun worshipper too ...
    You must be excited about that shed of yours!

  2. I'm totally quackers about ducks! Thanks ladies :-)


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