Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bargains on Ebay

This magnificient display unit was purchased yesterday from a very posh jewellery shop in Derby that has a refit. We got it on Ebay for £10.50! Mind you, the van to collect it was another £65 plus fuel. To get the most out of the van hire, DH did a lot of driving yesterday, he went to Sudbury in Suffolk too and picked up three double fronted lockable cabinets also purchased from Ebay. galleryRAUXA loves Ebay!

The unit is taking up quite a bit of space in the dining room, we can only get to one side of the dining table now (3 places instead of 6, adding the extender leaf taking it up to 8 which we do occasionally is out of the question for the time being!) So we can only dine with one guest til this moves to galleryRAUXA's premises on the Strait in Lincoln (hopefully early September). However, more importantly, access to the wine rack has been judiciously preserved! :-)


  1. Ikea do a really nice vertical glass display cabinets for £40. I keep hankering after one myself but they would be ideal for displaying jewellery and crafts in a shop.

  2. A few people have said Ikea do well priced display cabinets, thanks for the link Jean. I tried to get hold of a catalogue last week but they don't have a new one out yet, apparently they deliver them Sept/Oct time. Geoff poked his nose in at the Milton Keynes one the other week when he was there on other business and said he wanted to take me back to have a better look at their low level displays (we have enough vertical ones now). :-)

  3. Good to see you have put your wine rack within reach. That's fine, I am only thin :-) so can fit around that table.
    Good luck with everything. Lots of love
    :-) X X X


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