Thursday, 19 July 2012

Auspicious times

The New Moon is an auspicious time for new beginnings and it's time now to share DH and I's future plans with everyone in bloggerland. Geoff and I have been looking for premises for some time to set up a business which combines both of our talents.

galleryRAUXA will be opening in Lincoln very soon. Our legal team (sounds better than "solicitor"!) is in negotiations concerning leasing the above premises at 3-4 The Strait in Lincoln, just at the bottom of the world famous Steep Hill in the Cathedral quarter of the city. It's beginning to cost money so it's looking seriously like it's happening!

There is already a galleryRAUXA Facebook page, there will be a website too when we get our branding graphics sorted out. There is EVEN an @galleryRAUXA Twitter account but I don't know yet whether we'll be using that, Twitter and I never really saw eye to eye when I had an account before, I don't think I'm any good at twattering, I need more words all the time! (You know how I like to burble on!)

galleryRAUXA will be a picture framing gallery run by myself and DH. We will be offering picture framing services and also showcasing British Artists' work. Original artwork and prints will be available and periodic shows spotlighting artists will be a regular feature. My handmade lampwork beaded jewellery (of course!) as well as silver and copper items will be for sale and we are currently sourcing stock from other artisans such as ceramics, fused glass and sculpture.

It is time for me to come in from the cold and I will be giving up my stall in Cambridge's Art & Craft market when we open. We are taking the premises with effect from 1 September and there'll be a short period of fitting out, moving things around etc and then we'll be opening!

So this is BIG news, I think that's enough of a shock for you all to be going on with, more news as and when but I'm really excited about this new venture, DH and I are really relishing the new challenges.


  1. Good luck my darling, all the very, very best.....
    :-) X X X

  2. Good luck with your new venture - how exciting!

  3. Thanks both (and to all those who replied via e-mail too!) We'll keep you posted on progress :-)

  4. Congratulations and good luck.
    I shall make the effort to come and visit you when you're open - you will not be that far away.

  5. Hi - just been looking you up, many thanks for your invitation to exhibit work in your new gallery, I have been inpressed by your replies to my questions, look forward to meeting you soon and a successful venture together.


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