Friday, 18 May 2012

Making jewellery out of recycled pagan wine bottle beads

This is a bottle of one of my most favourite red wines of all time. As well as being really great to drink (particularly with lamb dishes), the story on the bottle is really compelling to me:

My family has been tending our vineyards overlooked by the Saracosa hill since the early 1940s and legend has it that the hill was a sacred pagan site, where people gathered to worship the sun and the moon. Much of those original vineyards remain, producing low yields of high quality, concentrated grapes from which we selected to make this wine. 

I love the idea that I'm drinking wine produced from an ancient pagan site where rituals (so long as no animal sacrifice was involved) and magic were performed. Wow!

Anyway, here are some photographs of the jewellery set I've made from the beads which will be for sale tomorrow in Cambridge on my stall at All Saints Art & Craft market.

Hope to see you there! Whatever you're doing this Saturday, have a lovely weekend!


  1. No !
    You drink too :-) ? ? ? ? ?
    Ah, hope all goes well tomorrow for you :-) I promise to make sure my broom is in the upright stance and is facing North .... I will think of you :-) Beautifully enriched beads with such special light...
    I can't dance around stones, dog has most of them stashed away, would it I could :-)
    :-) You know I jest :-)
    They are beautiful beads though :-) and good luck tomorrow... I really will be thinking of you.. (broom is the right way up :-) )
    :-) X X X

  2. Thank you Midge, not a bad day so the broom definitely worked, very kind of you :-) When I put the necklace out, I really wanted to keep it for myself, it was admired several times and one person even tried it on. The great British public has had its chance to buy it, it's mine now, do you hear me ... all MINE! :-)
    PS If the broom falls over, it means company is coming :-)


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