Sunday, 1 April 2012

Copper jewellery

Although the price of silver has been gradually dropping back a bit from it's all time high around this time last year, it's still well over £600/kg which is three times the price it used to be back in the good old days when I first started making jewellery for my stall at All Saints Art & Craft Market in Cambridge. I've been working increasingly with copper.

Here's the latest masterpiece which I'm really fond of featuring an equal four armed cross of St Brigit/Brigid handmade by myself in 20 gauge (1.8mm) wire. I've antiqued it using traditional patination methods. I have abandoned all the natural patination methods, they really don't work as effectively as smelly old liver of sulphur. The high points in the copper have been polished out using fine grade sandpaper and then tumble polished and sealed.

Some matching earrings (bracelet will follow)
and here's an orange double stranded bracelet with a handmade charm created using my rolling mill, doming block and the same artificial antiquing technique above.
All are available in my SoozJewels Etsy shop!


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