Monday, 30 April 2012

Back to work

Back to work after a week off, we've been in Northumberland and had a lovely time. Everyone I've spoken to, blogs I've been catching up on, e-mails from family and Facebook friends have all been complaining about the rain you had in the Midlands/South of England. Up in the top right hand corner of England, the weather was pretty good. We had a dry week, lots of sunny intervals, the only time it rained was evening on Wednesday up to lunchtime on Thursday, from what everyone says, it was definitely the best place in England to be!

Interested parties can view my holiday snaps on Facebook:

Look at the camera!
Holiday in Northumberland 2012

This photograph is of me back to work today melting a shard from a broken Bombay Sapphire gin bottle making beads that will be turned into jewellery very soon.

Happy Beltane!


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