Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coppery highlights and a dog blanket

I went to see George (short for Georgina) yesterday and she sorted out the mess left by the other hairdresser and I also had some coppery highlights put in. These have inspired me to create the above new beads (but more of that later). First I have to tell you how absolutely wonderful George is, she has got my world back on an even keel. Before yesterday, EVERY day since my last hairdresser appointment was a bad hair day. George used to cut my hair when we lived close to Lincoln, I followed her around to 3 salons because she was so good. It was a sad day seven years ago when I went to see her for the last time before we moved to Cambridge.

These days she is her own boss running "Aspire" on 46 Clasketgate in Lincoln. She's now about an hour's drive away by the time you get through very heavy rain near Newark and get parked but well worth it.  I've put photographs of her work taken when I got home in an album entitled "New Hairdo" on Facebook, click the link to see if you're interested! (I've made it public so you should be able to see it even if you're not a Facebooker yourself).

The beads in the photograph are made using a custom frit blend which I mixed myself (secret recipe so don't ask for it!) This is the first frit blend I have created and I'm really pleased with it. I made lots of different beads with various base colours and techniques and the ones in the photograph are the best of the bunch. They came out brown and coppery to match my hair, there is a new brown spankle bead in there and an orangey twiddly twirly bead. I'll be going into production to make more of these so keep an eye out for jewellery made with them very soon!

Update on the wrist, it's still a little sore from time to time. I have to go back to see my GP next week to check he's OK with me continuing to take anti-inflammatories and wear the brace. But I know it's getting better, it's nowhere near as bad in the mornings; most of the time apart from the inconvenience of the brace getting in the way, I don't feel it at all. From time to time though doing something (like chopping carrots or operating scissors) will give cause for malediction and for some things I have to take the brace off for (like signing my name), I barely recognise my handwriting at all actually!

I even started tentatively knitting again yesterday. I am breaking myself in very slowly and knitting a square every night for a Battersea Dogs and Cats Home blanket. Battersea is asking crafters across the country to help its most sensitive dogs by knitting them a special security blanket. If you're a dog lover and a knitter and would like to take part, there's a free pattern download on the link. Share the love!


  1. Fantastic post Sue, I love the new hair :-) X X X

  2. Lovely hairdo :) And the beads are great, too! :)

  3. So that's what you look like! Very nice new hair, smart! Love those beads, they remind me of amber.

  4. It's nice to see what someone looks like - not sure I'd be brave enough to post close up photos of myself - your hair looks fantastic !!
    Which just goes to show how worthwhile it is to stick with a good hairdresser when you find one.
    My "colourist" informed me a few months ago that she was putting pink blocks of colour in my hair as she thought the purplish highlights were too spindly. She's a big girl and not the sort of person you argue with, especially as I was feeling a bit glum and dowdy at the time. I was terrified I'd look like a complete twerp but.....she was right. Everyone loves it (except the few who keep very quiet because they obviously favour the twerp description) and now I am hooked. I just couldn't see myself without the swathes of pink now !!

    Great beads, by the way !!

  5. Thanks all! :-) Jean, I'm intrigued by purple (and pink) highlights. I've started taking more notice of people's hair colour lately and saw someone with pink highlights quite recently and it did look terrific! I'm very fond of blue (but I'm not sure about blue highlights) but I reckon purple would be OK ... life really is too short not to try everything once, I'm thinking I might go for a different colour highlight every three months - watch this space!


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