Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Boys will be boys

This little male Chaffinch has been keeping me company whilst I've been beadmaking all morning. He can see his reflection in the window and thinks it's a rival for the prime real estate of my garden (which is well stocked with bird feeders) and obviously the most des res in the area.

He keeps flying up and gesticulating frantically for the other male to depart but his efforts are in vain. He doesn't seem to be hurting himself but his persistence looks very tiring! I have tried to explain to him that rather than fight himself he should really be building a nest and then finding a nice young lady to settle down and have eggs with but he's not listening. I even tried taping white paper at the window so he couldn't see his reflection so well but it hasn't worked. He is undeterred.

I do hope he decides to have a family soon and so becomes too busy for such testosterone fuelled duelling. After a while it gets a little unnerving ... when he's still like this, it looks like he's staring at me. I've seen Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", when some goldfinches appeared on the niger feeder and THEN some pigeons on the bird table, I decided it was time to come in ...


  1. I've seen The Birds too (one of my favourite films). He's doing a little reconnaissance, then goes back to tell the crows and seagulls that you are on your own and where to come....

    If it was my window, I'd be there sketching him like crazy!

  2. There was a rook eating the leftover sunflower seeds on the bird table this morning, he could barely fit himself in under the roof ... rooks are close enough to crows to make me nervous! If I see any seagulls, I'll let you know :-)

  3. He certainly has taken a fancy to you. He'll probably arrive today armed with a present for you. Hope he doesn't bring you a worm *shudders* ;o)

  4. It's all the sparkly things he can see through the window, thinks he is a magpie :-) x x x

  5. DH thinks he wants a toffee out of the tin in the window! You're all very funny! :-)


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