Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Getting there

Full steam ahead for the move. Removals are booked to pack us up on Monday 24th and we're moving into our new home on the 25th. It's been a busy couple of weeks showing removals people round for quotations and the Letting Agent so they can list it on Right Move. We've been continuing to work but all spare time is taken up with clearing drawers and taking old clothes to charity shops but I'm almost finished indoors. It's been so hot recently, not been doing a lot outside but we have some bits and pieces to take to the tip. Plus of course prospective tenants will start to arrive so I have to be in super-tidy mode just in case we get a short-notice visit. Cups and plates and dog bowls are whipped into the dishwasher immediately after use, taps on the sink, bath and shower are polished after every use ... it's exhausting!

Now we have a date, I have to do all the letters letting everyone know our new address. Hey Ho!

In amidst all this, we had tickets that we bought ages ago to see Blackmore's Night (site plays music as soon as you click on it). They're only doing 5 dates in the UK and it's the first time they've been in the UK for three years so we grabbed the front row seats of the dress circle of York Opera House as soon as they went on sale. York was the closest gig to us, it's usually about an hour and a half drive from where we are but given Friday night traffic, it took closer to three!

Blackmore's Night are a kind of rocked up medieval folk band. Guitarist is legend Ritchie Blackmore. He's married to the vocalist, Candice Night who has a brilliant voice. The band seemed to have a good time on stage, we all really enjoyed ourselves. They were on stage for ages and we didn't get to bed til 1am. We generally get up before 6am on Saturdays in order to get to Cambridge and set up my jewellery stall so it was a tiring weekend!

I've recovered from that now and am busily making stock (amongst moving preparations!) Here are some photographs of some of my latest creations. The top one features new clasps from Daisychain Extra in the shape of a poppy, they're really lovely! A bracelet made with a copper version of the poppy clasp and recycled Grand Marnier beads has already sold and so I've missed the opportunity to photograph that one. I'll be getting some more of these clasps so I'll make a better effort to get the camera out next time!
 This one is made with recycled Perrier Water beads in a variety of shapes.
 This bracelet is made with steely blue bubble beads, rock crystal and dyed quartz with one of my own sterling silver hand hammered clasps.
My taupe bubble beads are a lovely colour,  so neutral, they go with everything! (Especially amber and moonstone as here in these earrings).


  1. Good luck with the move!
    I remember Ritchie Blackmore from the seventies!! Bet it was terrific.
    Love those Perrier beads...

  2. Ditto here about your move. Large pen and lots of labels :-) x x x

  3. Thanks, both! I didn't see Ritchie in the seventies (but DH did with Deep Purple). I waited til 1980 to see him with Rainbow at Monsters of Rock (which was equally brilliant!) plus we saw Rainbow at the Rainbow Theatre (when it was still open - great venue shame it's closed now). Ritchie has turned into a human being and is far more accessible and friendly to his live audience now than the moody man in black! Candice joked that he's medieval now, before he was just evil ...! :-) tee hee!

  4. I am adding this comment on behalf of my sister Sandy, she's having a googlemail-challenged day!

    Wasn't jealous at all at you going to see Blackmore's Night!!!!! I remember you and Geoff taking me to see Rainbow at Hammersmith many moons ago!

    Lovely bracelets by the way.

    Love Sandy

  5. Love the bracelets Sue - and fantastic that the copper poppy bracelet sold so quickly!
    Good luck with the move.
    Jo x


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