Monday, 20 June 2011

New look and a Blogger question

I have had a bit of a tidy up and smartened up the blog, what do you think? Feels roomier and looks fresher IMHO. Website needs a revamp next! I haven't updated it for ages.

I have a query that I'm hoping other Blogger users can answer. Is there a direct route to the Dashboard from the public face of one's blog? I always click "New Post" and then "Dashboard" to see whether there are any comments needing moderation, is that how everyone else does it? I keep thinking I must be missing something as it seems daft to have to click twice to get to the most useful part of Blogger.

My visualisation strategy hasn't worked for bug preventation, I'm afraid I have succumbed to DH's cold. I have had better weekends, it has to be said! I missed the market as I was feeling too bunged up and poorly, and then my mum had to go into hospital because she dislocated her hip. I can't go see her in case I pass it on to her, it's the last thing she (or anyone else in hospital) needs. We're having a family bar-b-q round sister, Sandy's house on Sunday so we're hoping she'll be well enough for that. Get well soon, mum! xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Milk is running out

I just finished this cup of tea, I have enough milk for one more cup. DH has got an awful cold, he worked (from home which isn't unusual) yesterday, I don't know if he's feeling well enough to do that today, he seems worse than yesterday.

Dilemma, I have only enough milk for one more cup which will take me through to about half past ten. Normally, DH would just pop down to the shop, it's about 2 miles away. I would take the dog and walk it as a four mile walk holds no fears for me, but it's along a fast A-road, not very pleasant and more than a bit dangerous given Missy's habit to go sniffing. DH would argue with me not to go as he has in the past and I don't want to put him through that, he would just struggle out if I said I was going.

I can drive, I have driven lots of cars, when I had a proper job, I owned one of my own for years but it's been a long time since I've been behind the wheel and I've just realised, I have never driven DH's latest which he's had about 18 months. It's a big car, an estate, so we can fit in all the boxes which I take to the market every Saturday. I'm a bit worried about driving something so big but if I don't ... no more tea with milk today.

I have some choices:
  • Order some from Sainsburys, it will come tomorrow
  • Drink fruit teas all day
  • Drink my normal tea with no milk
  • Take the plunge and drive DH's car for the first time but the places to park are so limited (and small) in the village's narrow streets, I think I'd be sure to have to turn round and come home without any (which would be annoying!)
I'm posting this as a blog posting as I realise that both of us are pretty much healthy and happy for most of the time. I really never take the time to appreciate that so when we're both back to the peak of health, I will not take it for granted as much as I normally do.

Of course, if we had a milkman, this wouldn't happen, there would be one behind the front door like magic. I miss having a milkman. One of the casualties of modern Britain. I wonder if there are any places in the UK where milkmen still exist?

I'm hoping I do not catch this cold as it might put me out of action for Saturday at the market. I have been visualising a sterile bubble around my nose and mouth which filters out any cold viruses. I'm a great believer in visualisation as a means of healing oneself; I use it a lot to minimise the impact of headaches which I get from time to time and lately, it's been working. It's not an instantaneous cure but I haven't had one that lasted two days for well over a year since I started (touch wood) and so I think the visualisation helps get rid of them quicker and makes them less bad.

It's all about positive thinking and so (applying that principle) I hereby announce that I am going to enjoy drinking tea without milk! 

I hope anyone reading this is fit and well!

EDITED at lunchtime:
DH went to the shop, without me even asking! He just came out to the shed where I was making beads and said he was going to get some and off he went in his car despite me saying I could manage without. It's not as if he wanted some for himself, he drinks black coffee or fruitjuice (or beer if I need the glass!!)  Isn't he a love? I have the bestest bloke in the world! xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

On the run and nowhere to go - renegade beads

These beads don't fit in anywhere, they're either left over from sets (where I made too many, they were too big or too small) or they're experiments I decided not to go ahead and make more of. Either way, individually, they're renegades and pretty wild. Six of them teamed up on my bead table pretty peacefully as they seemed to like each other. However, since the blue ones got together with two of my bombay sapphire recycled beads, and the golden ones got hold of one of my Talisker whiskey bottle beads, I'm worried they're going to start causing some trouble! Please buy these beads from my Etsy shop (before they wreck my studio!) If you put them to work with some calming influences, I can see them leading a long and happy life in some wonderful jewellery created by you!
PS Please note, these bead sets have now been sold, thanks!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Daisychain bracelets

I'm very pleased with some new clasps which I bought from Jo at Daisychain Designs a few days ago. I've been following Jo's blog for some time. When she announced she would be selling clasps at a new Etsy shop called Daisychain Extra, I headed over there and was so impressed, I immediately purchased two! One in sterling silver; it's so pretty, I thought the bracelet needed to be feminine and on the delicate side. I've used my own pink lampwork beads, swarovski pearls in Light Amethyst and swarovski pearls in Rosaline.

The other clasp I purchased was the same design but this time in patinated copper. This clasp had an altogether different character; this time I combined it with my own recycled beer bottle beads, copper and some more swarovski crystals.
Both bracelets will be for sale on my stall on the Art & Craft market in Cambridge, opposite Trinity College on Saturday, come along and try these pretties on!