Sunday, 1 May 2011

Feels like I'm still on holiday!

Hiya, been a bit elsewhere for a while. We just got back yesterday from a wonderful week's break in Bamburgh, Northumbria. We didn't realise it was Easter week when we booked it last year! Also, then William and Kate decided to get married so there was a lot going on whilst we were there!

It's quite good to be away for bank holidays as otherwise, I just end up working - no rest for the self-employed amongst us - no work, no money!

So even though it was busier than we're used to, the beaches are big places though and we took lots to read and I took some knitting too. Because we know Northumberland so well, as we've been so often in the past, we knew exactly where to go to get away from any crowds that do form!

I'm including a few of my favourite photographs in this blog posting but I know how boring it can be looking at others' holiday snaps. So for anyone who does fancy the full gamut of photographs, I've put some albums of pics up on my Facebook profile. The four headings below are links which will take you to the corresponding Facebook albums:

Album of flowers and gardens of Northumbria

Morning walk around Bamburgh Castle

Stag Rock Lighthouse at sunset

Day out at Warkworth

Hope you're enjoying some lovely May Day weather - Happy Beltane, everyone!

I'll be back soon with beads and jewellery, I'm well rested and can't wait to get back into beading!


  1. Brilliant post :-) Happy Beltane to you too :-) x x x .... :-)

  2. I have a couple of spare green candles if you need them :-)xxx


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