Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sneak previews

It was just an afterthought (suggested by DH) that I take the beads that I've offered for sale in my new beads only Etsy shop to my stall on Saturday. I got four commissions for necklaces and another for a pair of earrings with a possibility of a necklace or bracelet to match later on.

Regular customers, in particular, seemed to appreciate a "sneak preview" of what I'll be making jewellery with in the future. I'll definitely be doing that again!

The weather in Cambridge was cloudy but dry when we arrived at around 8.30am; I think it must've been raining earlier because everything was wet and the tree over my stall was dripping on me! :-) However, apart from a light shower in the afternoon, we had a pretty much perfect day weather-wise for sales. I think my Duffers' Guide has helped the fellas out as I got more Valentine's Day purchasers :-)


  1. Well done on your commissions! And more beautiful jewellery to look at too xxx

  2. Would love to see some pics of your stall hint, hint :-)
    Wet weather heading up, just thought I would warn you :-) x x x

  3. Very nice, especially the first batch!
    And your guide was most definetely useful, I linked it to my bf, will see if it worked tomorrow lol

  4. great idea! love the red one especially


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