Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Anyone for spankles?

I added a couple of new sets of beads to my Sooz Beads Etsy shop today. The British Sellers on Etsy team have a Team Discussions Section and there's a thread where you can link to new items to promote them. I was merrily adding my latest additions, typing a bit of a description about the set below but instead of typing "silver spangles", it came out "silver spankles". I like the word so much, I keep saying it to myself!

If you're a touch typist (rather than the 2 finger variety!) try typing the word yourself, is it just me or do your fingers just want to type a "k" after the "n"?!


  1. 'Spankles' is a great word! Very pretty beads too. :-)

  2. lovin the spankles, although it is a little close to spank les :)

  3. Lucky ol' Les! I know I've had too much wine this evening, I just purchased a two year registration on www.spankle.co.uk X-)

    Thanks Laura and Betsy!


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