Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Words of wisdom

Today's words of wisdom are

Left over mince pies and maltesers
Are not a proper breakfast

:-) I didn't actually have this for breakfast but yesterday I was very tempted. I waited til later and had them with a cup of tea. We saw off the last of the turkey yesterday as well so it feels like Christmas is over. DH is already threatening to take down our tree! Had a super time, don't often get to see brother, Dave, and all the rest of my family turned up as well on the day and then 3 days of quiet and chill time. Lovely presents, DH bought me a Pandora necklace so I can now put my large hole beads on that as well, I have worn a different combo every day so far since I got it. I love it. Here's how I'm wearing it today.

Brilliant tin from sister, Sharon. I complained to her about it when I saw it in Lakeland one Saturday in November when we were on the craft market together. It's in a lovely pink/silver Art Nouveau style and I coveted it greatly for my collection but the biscuits it contains have got palm oil in it so I forbade myself from buying it. Sharon bought it for me, ate the biscuits herself (she's so self-less!!) and left me a note inside about elves eating them so she replaced them with palm oil free chocolate! Inspired!

Super selection of books and DVDs, one was a compendium of loads of different knitting and crochet stitches with photographs of swatches knitted up. I've had tons of fun playing about knitting some up, combining stitches to see what I can come up with myself. Merlin series 3 DVD ... was really hoping to get that and am half way through the excellent How to Survive in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu.

Highlight of Christmas day has to be getting Sandy back over the tongue poking out mug incident. When I put her warmed plate in front of her ready for her to help herself to vegetables, I sleight-of-handed my photograph underneath it and giggled to myself all throughout lunch. I could hardly wait to say "Anyone for some christmas pud?" When we cleared the the table, she was passing plates to me. She picked hers up first and was so intent on grabbing dad's and then mum's that she didn't spot it until after the fourth plate had been passed along! She jumped a mile when she noticed it (c'mon ... I'm not that scarey!) A great reaction and it was a huge laugh.

However, I had a shock when I got into the shower on boxing day, she had placed it very carefully so it wasn't noticable until you actually got into the cubicle BUT .... but ... as it's a photo of ME sticking my tongue out, not her, she hasn't got me back .... yet!


  1. Grrrr! Yes you are scary especially being hidden under a plate! How could you do that to your poor little unsuspecting sister, the sister who bought you lovely gifts, the sister who had a poorly cough which was made worse after seeing your pic!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!

    We had a lovely day and thanks for inviting us. Enjoy rest of your time off.

    I'm cooking turkey for 11 tomorrow - eeek!!

    Love Sandy

  2. Hey Sue! Thank you for your lovely post, I just wanted to wish you a very happy new year and keep up the good work on the Sooz Jewels blog. I love reading about your work, you are a VERY talented lady!!

    Much love xx

  3. Yes, thanks for the dinner, Sue (and Geoff)and thanks to Sandy for the entertainment!

  4. Oh dear. I'm afraid I had cookies for breakfast two days in a row. Sigh. But Christmas comes but once a year.

  5. See, now I'd have to disagree... mince pies and maltesers sounds like a perfectly good breakfast to me! ;)

    Your Christmas sounds lovely, your account of it made me smile and I've enjoyed catching up on your last few posts. Congrats on the Etsy shop - great headstart on New Year's resolutions!!!

    I wish you the very best for 2011, Sue - happy, creative, wonderful days throughout! And thank you for keeping me company over the past year. I know it's sometimes been a bit bleak at times but I've so valued the kindness and the connection. Not to mention the pleasure I have every time I wear the beautiful earrings you made... K x

    p.s. beautiful necklace!

  6. So many comments - thanks everyone, I love reading comments! Happy new year to you all, I hope 2011 is our bestest year yet. :-)


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