Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Studio re-organisation

The usual busy summer months of July and August are behind us, my sales are dwindling and so jewellery making to restock my stall has fallen to a more manageable level. Before the big Christmas push, it's a relief to find I will now have a bit of time to get round to some stuff I've been meaning to do for ages. Like, paint the shed studio and adjacent picket fencing (it's turning black).

I've also run out of space inside the studio as I'm not using the existing space very well. When I moved into this studio, it seemed huge but in the intervening two and a half years, I have been filling it up (mainly with glass). I've planned it all out and if I move things around and re-organise, I have room for another shelving unit and will even have room for a small photography area so I can take photographs independent of the weather and lighting outside.

I often want to photograph things after it's gone dark, particularly on a Friday night when the majority of my pieces are finished off.  Consequently, I don't take photographs of everything I make and sometimes some really nice items don't get recorded which bothers me. Provisionally, I am planning the photography area around this useful Etsy article about photography, but DH is going to have a look first and tell me if he thinks it will work for my jewellery.

Whilst I'm moving everything around, I'm going to take the opportunity to put a proper floor covering in. It's already got insulation and chipboard but that's it. Ideally I would like a ceramic tiled floor or chequerboard quarry tiles maybe but the budget won't stretch to that, especially as I think we'll be moving within a year or two. So, we're going to buy a cheap off-cut of a bit of vinyl and laying it ourselves. It'll look smarter, be easier to clean and it won't be the end of the world if it gets a scorch mark or two.

The photograph represents some initial purchases which DH picked up on his travels for me yesterday but I still need some inch and a half plastic pipes (which I cut up and store glass in), some brushes for the stain and the vinyl floor. So, I'm off to the shops!

There may be some jewellery/bead pictures later in the week.


  1. Are you going to decorate the walls in your studio as well? I was thinking of blowing up that photo you found in your car last Monday. Might help keep the wasps away - tee hee!

    Did you get my text earlier thanking you for my lovely card ;oP

  2. Hi Sandy, ;-P to you too! Glad you got my card. I'll be leaving the internal walls as they are, I love my posters and photos far too much, though i think David Tennant and the Tardis may have to be sacrificed for the photography area, I hope he won't be too annoyed if/when he visits me!

  3. The Tardis/David Tennant poster would make a great backdrop for your tardis beads! He might send the Daleks to visit you ...


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