Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Couldn't stay away long could I?!

Painting the studio black was very satisfying, the fence is done to match now too and as I was painting I could see exactly where I'd been ... I am definitely a goal oriented person. Some jobs (like unloading the dishwasher) don't give you such a sense of achievement as the kitchen doesn't look any different after you've finished, but wow - the studio looks VERY different now. AND I have ticked one job off my to do list :-)

But ... but ... sometimes doing one job makes another doesn't it? After the studio was finished, I realised there was a thin line of the old colour I couldn't get to behind the plastic glazing that comes with the shed pack. It just ruined the whole effect. After discussing the problem with DH, the only thing for it was to remove the wood holding the plastic in place, paint it and then put the glazing back. The tricky thing was that the plastic had become really discoloured as it degrades in sunlight.

The only thing for it was to replace the plastic and we came to the conclusion that my smart new studio deserved glass and so DH was dispatched to get some horticultural grade; it's amazing the difference it makes, sometimes I could hardly see out when the sun was shining on the plastic. It's only now I've got the glass, I realise how bad it had got.

I'm so proud of it, I had to take a photograph and then this Red Admiral came down to give it his seal of approval and he posed beautifully for me!

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  1. Loving the new studio Sue! It certainly makes a difference with the new colour and real glass. You'll be wanting blinds and curtains next!!

    Fab pic of red admiral too - he must've been waiting for the opportunity to pose for you.



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