Friday, 30 July 2010

The bead that got away

Out of the many experiments I did last week, this week I chose two colours of my new plasma doughnut nugget beads to make jewellery with. Here are earrings and a bracelet in an orange/red combination.

When I made the orange/red plasma doughnut beads, there was one that just wouldn't come off the mandrel. The irritating thing from my point of view is that the bead moved about an inch but then wouldn't come off the end; I've never had this before. Very occasionally, beads will get stuck but generally, they stay stuck to the part of the mandrel they were made and it's usually a failure of the bead release during bead construction. You can see gouge marks made by my pliers as I tried to grip the mandrel whilst pulling with all my might but I have had to admit defeat.

I took this photograph of some emerald plasna doughnut nugget beads yesterday. I have made a bracelet and two pairs of earrings out of them but the light had gone by the time I finished making them so no photographs of those; the beads look lovely combined with citrine and green aventurine.

All the jewellery is available to be viewed and purchased at my stall on All Saints Art & Craft Market in Cambridge tomorrow. :-)


  1. I don't often look at Beads Sue. But you have won me over. They are beautiful. x x x

  2. You are really good. What beautiful glass beads you've made. I like both color and shape.

  3. I don't normally like red and orange, but those beads are beautiful! You may have changed my mind!

  4. Thank you, everyone! I have found red jewellery to be very popular with customers so I always try to make sure I have something in stock in red. A few years ago red was all the rage for weddings but that seems to have died in the last couple of years.

  5. Bet they didn't last long on your stall on Saturday Sue! They are beautiful and I love the colour combinations. Red and orange are really fashionable colours at the moment.

    That bead stuck on the mandrel could be one of those posh coffee stirrers if you dipped it in chocolate ....


  6. Hello to Sylvia and Sandy!

    I'll be round for coffee with my stirrer if you supply the chocolate! :-)

    I still have the red/orange bracelet and the green bracelet but all the plasma doughnut earrings in the three colourways sold except one pair. A second multi-coloured bracelet also got snapped up, I didn't take a photographs of it (again due to the light) it's similar to the one I photographed and sold last week but this time combined with large rose quartz rounds.

    Despite all the rain in the morning, I had my best Saturday sales-wise of the summer so far :-) My customers are brilliant, lovely people to help me lead the lifestyle I love.

  7. LOVE red! I'm sad with you about the bead that won't come off!


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