Thursday, 4 March 2010

New blue tardis

I've made some blue tardis beads, rather appropriate as Dr Who's tardis is blue. I've been playing around with Amy Kinsch's storming technique on and off for a while and these are my favourite beads so far to come out of my experiments. The swirly texture underneath the clear raised dots is mesmerising.

They take ages to make, I'm not the fastest beadmaker in the word as it is but the most I can do in an hour is 5! I've got 12 in total and am looking forward to turning these beads into jewellery tomorrow. :-)


  1. Sue, thank you SO much for your great comment on my post today! I am so encouraged by your comments and of course, you are absolutely right... it's because I write that I am a writer, not because I am read! Maybe that's the difference between the big and little W for me? Anyway, I love that you offered that perspective! It really rang true for me.

    Also have to say that I love your Tardis beads - they're a gorgeous blue! I've only recently discovered Dr Who - huge gaps in my cultural education that British friends are trying to fill ;) and I'm a bit of a fan now it has to be said. Am going to miss David T...

  2. Its beautiful, Iloved it, very creative :-)


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