Monday, 8 March 2010


Anoter interruption to my creative time this week; I have a dentist appointment for a new filling this morning; I'll be leaving in around an hour. No NHS dentists around here means it's a round trip of two hours to go to St Neots (the small town where I went to school all those years ago), half an hour waiting (they never see you on time) and then half an hour for the actual work means half a day gone! :-(

Since the new year, there seems to be something that I have to do to maintain this fragile body every week. Dentist check up (leading to the filling appointment), hair trims every 6-8 weeks, 3 visits so far to the wonderful Jonathan Hobbs (Osteopath) and another due in next couple of weeks to check I'm not tightening up again, eye test, go back to get glasses fitted, precautionary CT scan on my head at the hospital (as expected they found nothing!) Add in the usual female-related routine doctor's visits for smear tests, blood pressure, contraception, lump checks etc., then I don't seem to ever get a week when I have an uninterrupted week to just go at my beads and jewellery.

Plus the time in the car going to these appointments is just such a waste of time. I can't read, knit or crochet or do anything that involves looking down in a car without getting nauseous. I can on a train, I have no idea why it's so different in a car but when I'm just sat there with nothing to do but listen to music, then my fingers get so itchy to be busy and I am impatient to be back in the studio.

I'm the same when something I'm doing is going particularly well, I don't want to stop but my stomach demands I put food in it or my bladded demands emptying! These are all irritating interruptions (you can probably understand now why I hate the phone so much can't you?!)

Still, I have an hour before I leave so what am I doing here moaning about not being able to do anything??!

PS New things got added to the website yesterday afternoon as promised. Most of them are on the Lampwork page.


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