Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cava bottle earrings

Handmade lampwork beads made from recycled Cava bottle glass and turned into sterling silver earringsI have now made a Recycled Black Glass page on my website. I've photographed a few of the Cava bottle recycled earrings and added them and also moved the Aeolian Treasure jewellery to that page as well so although this jewellery is not new to my stall, they are new to the website and my blog. The photograph above is just one as an example.

There is always more jewellery on my stall than on the website. I'd always rather be making beads and jewellery than taking photographs!


  1. They're lovely Sue! Is that the bottle we helped you drink on Sunday?

    P.S. Lovely lunch by the way.

    Love Sandy

  2. Thanks both! :-)

    It was very nice of you and Chris to help me out with it, Sandy; that bottle will be used on the next batch I make!

  3. I love the texture of these!


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