Thursday, 28 January 2010

I used to quite like Moira Stewart

I've gone right off her now she keeps appearing in adverts on Classic FM reminding me that I haven't done it yet (as if I didn't know) and she even pops up on TV from time to time as well. 31 January is the on line tax return deadlineShe started to appear in October last year after the paper deadline but I just smugly ignored her for three months telling myself that I was far too busy in the run up to Christmas but that I had all of January to do it and now it's getting a bit late!

Last year, I had my accountant do it, but my affairs are relatively simple and my business is quite straightforward too, I decided to do it all myself this year. I did some work on it at my year end last March but not as much as I thought. I had got all my sales entered onto my spreadsheet for the year but I hadn't filed or input any costs so suddenly it has become a much bigger job that I thought!

I spent all day yesterday on it but I admit there was quite a bit of displacement activity going on, some urgent housework that wouldn't wait, various blogs that just had to be read (and commented on), checking that the bird feeders were all full, watching the news at lunchtime cos I wanted to see what the former Attorney Journey would say at the Iraq enquiry, pulling faces at the dog ... a million important and priority taking matters.


  1. The Moira advert irks me too!

    I'm lucky in that my Dad does my accounts for me so I was all sorted and paid at the start of the year.

    I'm AWFUL at numbers (like so awful I'm sure I have an actual problem with them) so there's no way I could do my own accounting so well done to you for tackling yours, Sue!

    When my Mum and I had a business we used to do the accounting together. She was good at figures and she tried to show me. I just ended up keying in numbers into the calculator while Mum did the tricky stuff. I was also chief coffee maker and petty-cash-book-slip-reader-outer!

    Grab a coffee and stick with it. I hope you get there in the end. You have my sympathies.

    Laura x

  2. Ha ha I did mine early (err monday the 25th!)
    Dont like Moira's necklace in the tv ad either- too big and long for her!!

  3. I may need to borrow your dad next year, Laura! :-)Thanks for the sympathy, I am so glad I have now finished but see latest blog entry for the annoying bit!

    Hiya Anonymous, I hadn't noticed her necklace - it's not like me to not look at jewellery, I must make a mental note to look (when I am shouting at her if she's on this evening) and see if I agree with you.


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