Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Not getting much done

It's too hot to make any beads (though I did a few first thing when it was cooler).

It's too hot to photograph my Pandora-style beads for the website (though I did photograph some sample threads and send the results to Fiona for her commission and she's really pleased with them so that was definitely worth the effort!)

It's too hot to cut the grass (though I did pat the edge of the lawn and said that it's time will come).

It's too hot to stay upstairs very much longer on my comuter putting photographs of jewellery from last week on the website - maybe later if it cools down in the evening.

It's NOT too hot to watch tennis though - downstairs is much cooler! I had a list of things I needed to get done without fail today and I finished them at 3pm, Andy Murray came on court at 3.15pm so that was well timed (most considerate of him). Additionally, I did some ironing whilst watching inbetween points and Andy again obliged by winning in three sets so I could put the rest of the ironing away at the earliest opportunity! I'm so glad he's in the semi-finals.


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