Thursday, 21 May 2009

Raspberry wool and jam

A couple of days ago, I was making recycled beads out of Harveys Bristol Cream sherry bottles which are a lovely rich royal blue colour for an order I got via my website. I cleaned them in the evening and then settled down to start knitting a new pair of socks (yet another pair!) in a kind of raspberry colour. When I absent-mindedly put the knitting down on top of the beads, I saw that the colour contrast was really something. I hope I can either get or make some beads in the same colour as this wool now as I'd really like to try combining the two colours in a piece of jewellery.Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry recycled lampwork glass beads and raspberry coloured woolSpeaking of raspberry, that reminds me, last night we caught the mouse that has been in our house (... pure poetry, you get everything here!) This morning, as soon as he was dressed, DH drove it a couple of miles down the road and let it go. He said it looked quite thin and scrawny when it came out, I don't suppose there's much to eat in our house so I'm surprised it took so many days before it was tempted to try the jam in the trap. I think it has been living on the nuts that I fill the bird feeders with. I nearly always manage to spill some and it must have found the ones that rolled under the fridge. Because apart from scraps left on Missy's feeding bowl before I wash it up, there wouldn't have been much else that's would've been accessible. Hopefully s/he's much happier now out in the wild again.


  1. Nice yarn - what a lovely colour.

    Glad the raspberry jam worked and that Miss Mouse has left the building. :o)

  2. Thanks, Laura, I'm spending far too much on yarn at the moment but am enjoying it too much to stop! I'm hoping Miss Mouse won't be back and that she doesn't have any buddies living here too ... no signs of that yet!


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