Thursday, 7 May 2009

Perfect day

Today has just been a perfect day for me. I was beadmaking all morning in my studio with warm sunshine streaming through the open door. Missy, our dog, was in the paddock with me and I could keep an eye on her through the window - she was stretched out sunbathing-big-time-lazy-bones. The birds were tweeting away so much, I didn't even put my MP3-player on, I just enjoyed the birdsong.

I wish I knew which bird was singing which song! I have a birdsong DVD and the playlist tells you what bird is singing on which track but you have to keep looking at the playlist and make sure you don't get lost. It would be much better if the DVD said "this is a Robin singing", then you hear the song. About the only one I recognise is the alarm call of a blackbird!Away, I digress, the above are a couple of photographs I took just before lunch of some of yesterday's output. The top ones are called "Bonfire" - can you guess why?! (I told you I'd be making more of these didn't I?!) The bottom ones are simple beads that I make quite regularly for my pink Georgia necklace/earring sets but I don't think I've ever done a close up of them.

Missy and I ate toasted cheese and pickle sandwiches in the garden for lunch and then in the afternoon, whilst the morning's beads were cooling in the kiln, I did some soldering. Missy continued her laze-about (obviously tired out by the morning!) and Spike, the tortoise parambulated about the garden nibbling on the weeds in the lawn - dandilions are his all-time favourite so I don't treat my lawn with herbicide. As a result, I get bonus flowers like this carpet of speedwell and daisies. Isn't it pretty??!I then watched an episode of Jonathan Creek whilst making jewellery. I knocked off working at around 5pm to take Missy for a walk for half an hour. When I got back, I watered the new bit of lawn I sowed the other day and then DH arrived home. He is now cooking me a chilli for dinner whilst I blog away with a glass of red wine! What a great day!


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